Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A few quick 'thank yous'

We have a venue! Massive thanks to Emma Kim, Adrian Hall and Andre Mik for all their efforts to make their venue fit for our purpose. From ringing telecommunication providers to talking splitters, we all have somewhere to go come March 6th. 
We will have a printer thanks to Wayne Ebert from Konika-Minolta. We appreciate his ongoing support of our cluster and question-free generosity. And then his installation of the printer when we couldn't make it happen (active learners know how long to persist at a challenging task and when to call in the experts).
Clare filled out most of the TLIF documents. Thank you Clare! It was a massive job. And thanks to Dave Appleyard for helping us wordsmith it (we doubled the word limit- oops!). Fingers crossed because if we don't get this funding, this project may be a very short one. 
Thanks to the people who have commented kindly on our first blog post and Twitter account. Waves of panic pass a little bit faster. 

So we are nearly up and running. 

We are going to take some time to reflect on why we got involved in this project in the first place. Look out for our next post 'why would you?'

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